The Stella Foundation

Korea is the country with the highest depression and suicide rate of all OECD countries.

Every 34 min someone in South Korea takes their own life. Annually almost 15000 people die from suicide in Korea.

Depression is a disease, but it is treatable. However, because people feel too ashamed to talk about their illness they often don’t get treated, with often disastrous consequences. On top of having one of the highest depression and suicide rates in the world, Korea also shows one of the lowest percentages of in the world of people seeking treatment for this illness.

The Stella Foundation sets out to create awareness and openness about depression in order to reduce the number of sufferers from depression in Korea.

What Stella does

We will bring the best methods and experts from all over the world to Korea. In addition, we will work hard on an awareness program, removing the stigma and educating people on depression. We will organize high profile events, and recruit influential ambassadors for our organization.

Korea already knows several organizations that focus on suicide prevention, and they are delivering great work in that area. However, we would also like to prevent that people even get to the point where they decide to commit suicide by educating people about mental health and depression. Other countries already have organizations like this, e.g. Beyond Blue in Australia. We are learning from international and Korean experience to make a difference in South Korea. We will bring proven methods and latest insights including use of social media to South Korea.

Jaehoon ChoStella’s founder: Jaehoon Cho

Jaehoon Cho founded the Stella Foundation after losing his beloved mom to depression 3 years ago.  He has a Master in Sports Management from the Cruyff Institute in the Netherlands and has studied at the Korean National Sport University. While studying Jaehoon has also worked at Madfit as a personal trainer, and worked at Abercrombie both in Seoul as well as Amsterdam. In addition, Jaehoon’s 2nd big passion (sport is his 1st passion) is acting as a DJ, which he has learned in Amsterdam.

The Stella Team

The Stella Team is composed of global experts in their area of expertise and Korean experts. There is an operational team that is advised by a team of professional experts, ensuring the quality of Stella’s work. Currently there is a team of 10 people, but this team is growing fast. In addition, Stella works with experts on a regular basis as well.

Featured-ImageThe Stella Logo

The name Stella means Star in Latin. When we look at the stars we are amazed by their beauty, mystery and we often wish for a bright future. We hope that with our contribution we can make the future of the people in Korea brighter by increasing mental health.

The colors represent the Olympic colors, showing that sports and exercise are one of the most important contributors to good mental health. On the other hand, it symbolizes that depression doesn’t discriminate, it can happen to anyone. The people that form the star show that we will form a strong community that will help each other.

Strong social ties has also been scientifically proven to help increase mental health. The hands have two meanings. The first one is that we should take care of our mental health and of people with mental health problems, the second meaning is also that we should treat them with respect.