In addition to our therapy improvement and education programs, we also like to organize fun activities for fundraising purposes. We believe Stella is not only a Foundation but also a FUNdation.

By organizing meaningful events, that are also fun, we enable people to talk more openly about mental health and at the same time are also working on prevention by encouraging socializing, regular exercise and healthy sleep.

World Mental Health Day

The Stella Foundation will start our social media campaign on October 2016, respecting the World Mental Health Day created by the WHO and cooperating with other international organizations to promote mental health   

The Stella Gala

On Blue Monday, January 16 2017, Stella aims to organize a gala with Korean and International experts and celebrities to show that they care about mental health and to talk openly about challenges, but also about overcoming them. This will be a formal setting in a professional venue. On this evening we will also present the translation of the book by Dr. Ilardi, the depression cure

The Stella Challenge

The Stella Challenge will be a sport event organized in Seoul. Where people of all ages and all different physical abilities can participate. Details of this event will be published at the end of 2016. Aerobic Exercise for 30 min 3 times a week has scientifically been proven to increase mental health. By creating a fun event, more people will be motivated to start exercising again.

The Stella Sleep Challenge

Sleep deprivation is highly linked to mental health issues, and despite scientific research showing the brain learns better with sufficient sleep the average Korean student still sleeps only 5 hours per night. We want to motivate people to sleep more by creating a challenge and showing the importance of sleep in learning, performing at work, mood and creativity.

Stella Dance, Let’s beat depression

Dance events have been very popular in Korea in the past years. We will organize a dance event with DJs that will volunteer for the Stella Foundation so the revenue from the event can be donated to the Stella Foundation. By creating fun events we can combine raising awareness and having fun.

Stella Film Competition

We will invite film amateurs and professionals to participate in a competition to make short movies to promote mental health and to break the taboo. A jury of experts from the Film Industry will select the award winner.